Griffin GC41536 Station d'accueil pour Apple watch Noir

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Any way you want it.We think charging your Apple Watch should be effortless. Just lay it against the angled cradle. The Watch's cable connector gently snaps itself onto the back of your Apple Watch and begins charging. That's it.Accommodating both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands, WatchStand securely displays and charges your Apple Watch vertically or horizontally for the perfect view.Keep it all together.WatchStand keeps your desk, bedside table or table top neat by providing a place for both your Watch and your iPhone to call home when they're not with you.Everything in its right place.WatchStand brings an end to charge cord kinks and tangles. Wind excess cable length around WatchStand's core then slide it down into the post to hide the unneeded cord.Features:· Holds your Apple Watch at an easily viewable angle as it charges· Cradle captures cable connector and keeps it in place, ready to charge· Excess cable length stores away inside WatchStand's post· Non-slip base and no-scratch padding hold WatchStand in place on desk or tabletop· Molded base also holds iPhone, angled for easy viewing· Uses Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable that comes with Apple Watch· Dimensions: 7.87" x 5.5" x 3.15"· Weight: 18oz· Compatibility: Apple Watch

Maintien L’Apple Watch dans un angle visible pendant la charge. Station avec emplacement Spécifique pour Apple Watch. Rangement intérieur de l’excédent de câble de charge. Base antidérapante et anti-rayures. Emplacement IPhone sur Face Avant, vos 2 appareils sur une même station. Utiliser avec le câble chargeur magnétique Apple livre avec votre montre AppleWatch